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Awards Ceremony
Auditorium , Level 2, Darwin Convention Centre
4:30pm to 5:30pm
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Victoria Stroud

Telethon Kids Institute

Victoria’s interest in indigenous health and community development was stimulated whilst working for World Bank development projects in Indonesia. For a BP project she provided on-the-ground support for the creation of a West Papuan led community development team that helped map cultural values and places of significance for local communities in remote Bintuni Bay. Returning to WA in early 2000 Victoria worked to build natural resource management priorities into State level Strategic Planning, and community values into coastal and marine planning and management. She requalified with a Masters of Speech Pathology in 2014 with a particular interest in Aboriginal child health and has worked at Telethon Kids Institute on the building an Urban Aboriginal Ear Health programme thereafter. The Koorlungkas Yarning project team was established in 2016 and has actively created, shaped and guided the Koorlgunkas Yarning project since then. The strength of the project is thanks to the members of the team, the Elders and families who share their time and knowledge. 

Presentations by Victoria Stroud
Koorlungkas Yarning – children talking, a video ethnographic project
Koorlungkas Yarning – children talking, a video ethnographic project
Tuesday 18th June 4:00pm to 4:20pm

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