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4:30pm to 5:30pm
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Ken Zulumovski

Gamarada Indigenous Healing & Life Training Pty Ltd

Mr Ken Zulumovski, ‘Kira-dhan, (Kabi Kabi first nation)

Ken is a graduate of the ‘Djurawang, (Bachelor, Health Sciences, Mental Health CSU). His career spans 20 years in health program development and delivery with Indigenous communities. Ken held a part-time career in the Royal Australian Army where for 8 years he trained as an artillery crew commander and a defense force representative on Indigenous engagement and career development.

Ken is Managing Director and Founder of Gamarada Universal Indigenous Resources (GUIR). GUIR specialises in the promotion of personal, professional and organisational performance in private, government, and community sectors. GUIR’s strengths are derived from capacities in: professional services, therapeutic programs and community engagement. GUIR's spheres of influence include: Education, Justice, Mental Health, Health Care and Employment. GUIR provides solutions in: restorative justice, education and training for teachers, students, GP’s and allied health professionals as well as community engagement initiatives across the Social and Emotional Well Being and Healing spectrums. GUIR specialises in Coaching with the GUIR’s COURAGE Coaching Model. This model incorporates clinical therapeutic resources with Indigenous wisdom traditions for a balanced framework for Cultural Supervision, and Performance Coaching. GUIR works to promote community cohesion with a focus on marginalised groups such as youth who may be at risk of radicalism. www.guir.com.au

Presentations by Ken Zulumovski
Mapping Dadirri, Deep Listening, as a Third Wave Therapeutic Approach
Mapping Dadirri, Deep Listening, as a Third Wave Therapeutic Approach
Thursday 20th June 2:50pm to 3:10pm

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