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Awards Ceremony
Auditorium , Level 2, Darwin Convention Centre
4:30pm to 5:30pm
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Poster Session A - Meeting Room 4

  • Session Details
  • LocationMeeting Room 4, Level 1, Darwin Convention Centre
  • Session TimeWednesday 19th June 12:30pm to 1:00pm

Thinking, Speaking and being Aboriginal – Empowering communities through the lived experience and being.

Vicki Wade, Kenya McAdams
12:30pm to 1:00pm

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the health workforce help Close the Gap; a strengths-based approach to health workforce policy

Chris Bourke, Julie Lahn
12:30pm to 1:00pm

Improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with cancer through an Optimal Care Pathway

Lauren Kinsella
12:30pm to 1:00pm